Behind the scenes of Florence’s hotels in the low season

Behind the scenes of Florence’s hotels in the low season

Low season means maintenance for the city's hospitality industry

Tue 27 Feb 2024 3:22 PM

The low season marks the beginning of an essential yet often overlooked activity in the hotel industry. We were fortunate enough to peek behind the scenes of the extensive work at Florence’s hotels.

Winter work on the rooftop at Grand Hotel Minerva. Ph. Marco Badiani

The city’s hotels are the pulsating heart of hospitality, offering an unforgettable experience to travelers from around the world. However, behind the efficiency and perfection of luxurious rooms and enticing terraces lies an important but unseen activity: maintenance. During the low season, hotels have the opportunity to focus on maintenance to prepare for the next peak in footfall. Regularly conducting these tasks is fundamental to preserve the quality and image of the establishment. Rooms must be impeccable, facilities must be safe and functional, and common areas must be welcoming and inviting.

Strozzi Palace Hotel: winter upkeep

“This year hasn’t had a true low season,” says Claudio Barbarisi of four-star Strozzi Palace Hotel. “We closed with full occupancy, trying to alternate between our two properties. But tackling maintenance work now leads to improved operational efficiency and long-term savings. We’ve undertaken major projects, such as changing the air conditioning system. One night, we even had to block the street.”

Oltrarno Splendid: deep cleaning the floors

Deep cleaning the floors at Oltrarno Splendid

Matteo Perduca of Oltrarno Splendid tells us, “Without guests present, we were able to move all the furniture and focus on treating the cotto flooring that needed to be revived.”

Grand Hotel Minerva: re-laying the roof

Filippo Burroni, general manager of Grand Hotel Minerva, took us to the property’s renowned terrace above piazza Santa Maria Novella. “We’re lucky to have this view over the city, a 360-degree panorama. That’s why we planned its new wooden deck, allowing us to maintain the expected standard of functionality, livability and beauty.”

Ultimately, taking advantage of the low season to conduct maintenance work is more than just an operational necessity. It’s an investment in the future of hospitality and an opportunity to experience Florence to its fullest.

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