Written in the stars: Editor’s letter

Written in the stars: Editor’s letter

Astronomy, astronomy and mushrooms are just a few of this month's odd editorial focus.

Wed 28 Feb 2024 9:57 AM

It sometimes feels like a superior hand guides the monthly contents of The Florentine. Despite our utmost efforts to plan and control, another editorial force is often at work, deciding the themes and dictating the forces at play. As we assembled the March issue, the stars were aligned on the astrological and astronomical front. This month, National Central Library opens an exhibition championing women in astronomy, organized by Museo Galileo, which continues to host the Splendori Celesti show in the former dormitory of Santa Maria Novella, while Alexandra Lawrence furthers her Mystics, Magicians and Madmen of the Renaissance lecture series at The British Institute of Florence and we organize an AstroCocktail night with evolutionary astrologist Dennis Clark at Hotel Savoy on March 20. Book your spot (24 euro): enquiries.savoy@roccofortehotels.com


Issue 309 – Written in the stars

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The stars align with a focus on astronomy, astrology and the sciences in the March issue of The Florentine.


While chatting with evolutionary astrologist Dennis Clark, it emerged that I have a Capricorn moon (that’s the planning side taken care of), a Gemini ascendant (social side: ok) and a Pisces sun sign, hence my absolute relish at navigating the last-minute changes involved with producing a magazine. You can discover these further attributes of your personality and understand how to readjust your astrological compass (if so desired!) at Hotel Savoy on March 20, when Dennis Clark will host a talk and an “astro cocktail” for The Florentine readers on the evening of the Spring Equinox. Additionally, our classifieds currently include community members providing tarot readings, numerology and manifesting sessions.    

Agates on show in the Mineralogy section at La Specola Museum, Florence. Ph. @marcobadiani

Our cover story was pre-announced and years in the making, however. Florence’s beloved Museo de La Specola fully reopens its hefty wooden doors on March 1. Although visitors will not notice much difference in the storied rooms hosting the zoological collections with their lions, bears and tigers (and the rest of the exotic menagerie), where new lighting and a lick of paint are the extent of the restoration, sensational additions include the plush Medici gems and botanical wax sections, as well as the impressive mineralogy department, complete with asteroid samples in a move from another university-managed museum in via La Pira. Book ahead and climb the astronomical tower to the observatory, which gives the museum its name, for all-round city views and a reminder of the centuries-old science behind the stars. 

An artwork by Anselm Kiefer

This month brings Palazzo Strozzi’s latest show, Fallen Angels, by Germany-born and Paris-based artist Anselm Kiefer (opening March 22), and a top photography exhibition by Mimmo Jodice to Villa Bardini (opening March 23), and Roberto Innocenti’s otherworldly illustrations to Palazzo Medici Riccardi. Another highlight to watch out is the inaugural Voices: European Festival of Journalism and Media Literacy to Stazione Leopolda from March 14 to 16, which will tackle the challenges facing the world of journalism, the impact of artificial intelligence on the media, misinformation, European elections and active citizenship. 

As we send this issue of The Florentine off to press, our hearts are heavy. After the tragic deaths of five labourers during a collapse on a supermarket construction site in the Rifredi area on February 16 and what appears to be police brutality against students during pro-Palestine rallies in Florence and Pisa on February 23, investigations into these incidents will continue this month. We will endeavour to follow the stories and keep you up-to-date through our online coverage. Consider signing up for our newsletter if you don’t already receive it.

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