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Black History Month Florence was founded in 2016 is a cross institutional network for Black cultural production that celebrates Afro-descendent Cultures in the context of Italy. The initiative is engaged in programming, advising and co-promoting over 50 events annually within the month of February, through a network formed and supported by the Comune, foundations, institutions, cultural associations, museums, schools and venues dedicated to art and to music.
August 5, 2021

Agitu Ideo Gudeta Fellowship for the Live Works programme at Centrale Fies

In Fall of 2020, BHMF was invited to join Mackda Ghebremariam Tesfaù, of Razzismo Brutta Storia, and Simone Frangi and Barbara Boninsegna, of the Centrale Fies in Dro (Trento), to begin thinking about the development of a new fellowship.    The fellowship was designed to ensure annual presence in the Live Works program, a performance […]
July 14, 2021

MQBMBQ: Pluralizing Blackness in Italy

Over the past two years, Black History Month Florence initiated a dialogue with Jordan Anderson, a multifaceted, young creative based in Milan.      The exchange was originally born from a conversation around the artist’s interest in highlighting a series of Black figures from Italian history by publishing an article in Italian Vogue with biographical […]
May 11, 2021

Lewis Hammond exhibition at the Casa Masaccio

March 27 was the public presentation, albeit virtually, of the exhibition by the young, yet seasoned British artist Lewis Hammond with his first Italian institutional exhibition While We Were Sleeping at the Casa Masaccio in San Giovanni Valdarno, curated by Rita Selvaggio.         The fruit of over a year of work, research […]
April 8, 2021

The Segre Commission in Florence

In 2019, the Italian Senate made the decision to form the Segre Commission as a focus group dedicated to combatting hate, racism and antisemitism across the country, based on a proposal by the senator for life Liliana Segre. The proposal resulted in 191 votes in favor and 98 abstentions. This decision and its pushback have […]
March 24, 2021

Obstinate resonance: YGBI research residency at Numeroventi

A couple people seem to be reticent about the term ‘study,’ but is there a way to be in the undercommons that isn’t intellectual? Is there a way of being intellectual that isn’t social? … I think we were committed to the idea that study is what you do with other people. It’s talking and […]
February 17, 2021

Black stories on the bookshelf

Italy’s Feltrinelli chain is celebrating Black History Month by dedicating a shelf in every bookstore to Black stories this February.         Selected by experts of Razzismo Brutta Storia, the titles speak of the world of the Black Diaspora on both sides of the ocean and embrace a range of reflections. Razzismo Brutta […]
November 12, 2020

On the traces of Florence’s colonial past

Site and memory are two inescapable through lines in the narrations of Florence that must be expanded to engage in a profound restructuring of our understandings of the Afro-descendent histories of this context. There are lingering remnants of colonialism with the capacity to evade critical dialogue through the gesture of nomenclature in relation to streets […]
October 27, 2020

Citizenship, resistance and the limitations to imagination

If we are paying attention, we note that each month is marked by new violence inflicted upon Black bodies. September in the United States brought us Jacob Blake, shot in the back in front of his family, sparking another spike in the uprisings that have been in the streets of multiple cities since the murder […]
September 14, 2020

“Fischi per fiaschi” and the roots of anti-racist confusion

Prendere fischi per fiaschi means confusing one thing for another, a phenomenon frequently rooted in listening with specific expectations in mind, or not really listening at all. Today, our theories and aspirations seek transformation from the eloquence of what could be into a practice that fosters stamina in combatting racial injustice and historically cemented imbalance. […]
July 21, 2020

Whoever drinks black, earns color

The past month has seen the aggressive awakening of social consciousness across the world. Black History Month Florence (BHMF) has collaborated over the years with The Florentine to highlight stories and content related to our ongoing research projects and programming including The Recovery Plan, (a pop-up Black Cultural Center), Black Archive Alliance (a research project […]