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An interview with Debi Mazar + Gabriele Corcos

Debi Mazar, a New York native, made her feature film debut in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas as Ray Liotta's junkie mistress. From that auspicious beginning, she went to work with such noted directors as Jodi Foster in Little Man Tate, Barry Levinson (Toys) and Woody Allen (Bullet's Over


With friends like these

Surf the TV channels in Italy, and you are bound to come across the current most popular show, for it is broadcast seven days a week. Or, if you look at TV listings and see the show’s name, Amici, you might think, as I first did, ‘Oh


An Interview with Contessa Simonetta Brandolini D’Adda

The Contessa is married to an Italian count and has lived in Italy for over 33 years. In 1998, she started Friends of Florence, a non-profit foundation that raises money to preserve Florence’s artistic legacy.  The organization has raised millions of dol-lars to fund major


An Interview with Maurizio Serracini

For centuries, the whereabouts of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterwork, a painting of the Battle of Anghiari, has been one of the art world’s greatest mysteries. This painting, said to be the ‘school of the world,’ has sparked debate among contemporary artists, who suggest that


Good Swill Hunting

Proverbial wisdom about early birds catching worms doesn’t apply to boar. I am used to fox hunting in the US, where you have to be ready to go at dawn. Not so with boar hunting; at nine am the hunters were just starting to arrive.    The


Makeover: Italian style!

First off, I have to confess that I’ve always been fascinated with Extreme Makeover, What Not to Wear, and other physical transformation shows.  Of course, I know that beauty is not only skin deep and Gabrio Staff was the first to tell me so when I visited


A pristine sistine visit

Did you know that you could have a private visit to the Vatican Museums and have the Sistine Chapel to yourself?  That you can be in this holy place after it closes to the public, to the “masses.”  Alone, so that you can stand far enough