The Fifth Face


Who killed Masaccio? This outstanding enigma puzzled the history of art throughout the centuries. Everything started after Giorgio Vasari quote about the poisoning of Masaccio in Rome. Despite his sudden death, Masaccio was the first painter to introduce the architectural perspective inside the paintings and the first to open up a new artistic door: the Renaissance.

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Fort he first time, this novel, recollects several clues hidden in the Masaccio’s frescos inside the Cappella Barncacci in Florence. Movng from these clues, Guarducci narrates the first steps of work by Filippini Lippi, aiming to complete the unfinished frescoes of Masaccio. Whrn Lippi dicovers some oddities in the frescoes, he decides to talk with Masaccio’s brother, Giovanni a.k.a. Lo Scheggia. Giovanni tells to Lippi the whole life’s history of Masaccio and all the unkown details about his tragical death. Only at the end – at last – they (with us) understand the name of the killer. Inside the novel, all the data and every single character (Filippo Brunelleschi, Donatello, Masolino da Panicale…) are strictly historical and demonstrate and amazing solution about one of the most important enigma in the art history.



About the author

Fabrizio Guarducci has taught Communications in the Department of Cultural Antropology at the Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute in Florence. His experiences and studies, particularly those ancient manuscripts inspiring a different idea of spirituality, convinced him of the importance of a return to a language of origins lacking the toxic residue of years of war, violence and injustice which belongs to those who used it to hold power. As a film producer, he has made Italian Paradigm which was awarded at PhilaFilm in 1993, Two Days (2003), My Voyage in Italy (Golden Eagle, 2005) and Silhouettes (1991). He is director and screenwriter of the film Sea of Wheat (2017).

He wrote The Rediscovered Word (2013) and Theoria. The Divine Beyond Dogma (2015).


Publisher: Lorenzo de’ Medici Press, Florence.

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