What’s in store?

Sneak Preview of Summer Fashion

Cassandra Brown
March 9, 2006

Although we are still clinging firmly to our coats and scarves to beat off the freezing Florence temperatures, the shops are already filling up with tantalising hints of Spring and Summer.  For this coming season we are transported to a bygone era of femininity, losing some of the harsher silhouettes of the winter and settling into an easy elegance to see us through the Summer.  White is undoubtedly the colour of the season and is simply everywhere, from complete outfits, to bags and shoes and hats.  Ferragamo’s crocheted bag in white is set to be a ‘must have’ for the Summer.  Shirts and dresses in white are big news, ultra feminine with ruffles, lace panels, and even the Victorian high necked style from last year.  For those of us with champagne tastes and beer pockets, Zara, as ever, has come out with an amazing collection, with inspiration from the top designer names. Linens and cottons in creams, whites and soft blues are a staple for the warmer months, with Sisley providing comfortable and wearable basics.  Lace and ribbons are found adorning dresses, skirts, shirts and even shoes.  Scervino’s collection is simply beautiful, combining lace, ribbons, creams and whites, to create a girly girls’ paradise.  Even Pucci, the master of prints and colour, has transformed the famous shift dress into a white lace masterpiece.


Black and white are teamed together across most collections, which range from nautical outfits to feminine floral designs.  Gucci’s black and white tops, and white sailor trousers with gold chains, have made a huge impact on the high street collections, as have other sailor inspired outfits with blues and greens.  Polka dots have also made a massive comeback – Miu Miu is full of fun, with flirty skirts and tops in polka dots of every colour.


Dolce and Gabbana lead the way in one of the other major trends of the season, that of  folk. They offer amazing diplays of gingham, ribbons and flower corsages creating a sexy gipsy flavour, with ruffled lace and their trademark curves.  Cavalli and Moschino Cheap and Chic pick up on this trend too, with shoes and bags to add to the sex appeal.  Blended with this cute look are the flower prints found on all types of dresses from tea dresses to baby dolls.


Skinny pants remain from last season, as do cut offs, shorts and capri pants.  They are perfect to combine with T-shirts adorned with cartoon prints, from Popeye at Moschino Jeans to Porky Pig at D & G.  Jeans for this season are covered with detail, including sequins and embroidery. A fantastic selection of styles, including jeans decorated with flower embroidery, can be found at Miss Sixty. And the tuxedo look is also popular this season, with evening-style shirts in cottons and lace, waistcoats and cropped jackets.


Colour-wise, silver and gold are real hits this Summer, both for day and night, and in nearly every collection of shoes.  Armani, both Emporio and Giorgio, have the most exquisite peep toe shoes in silver, and for those who prefer flats, the legendary Ferragamo has the perfect pumps.  Orange is also a firm favourite, and although it can be a difficult colour to wear head to toe, accessories in orange are everywhere. The new Accessorize store is a goldmine for accessories in all the colours of the season.  There are also many pastel colours, particularly dusky rose which is bound to look sensational with a tan.


In keeping with the feminine feel for this year, many designers and high street stores are showcasing an impressive collection of shimmery, jewel-like dresses, with the big names, Versace, Prada, Missoni and Blumarine, creating some breathtaking outfits.  Small bolero style jackets and cardigans with jewel-style trimmings are in the high street stores - Zara, once again, coming up trumps with these details.


As last season, broad, obi-style belts are once again in vogue.  Just as before, metal plays a large part in these but this year we are also seeing belts made of multi-coloured ribbons.  Raffia and straw effect belts are also perfect to complement the basket bags and wedge shoes for the Summer.  Max Mara has a great collection of these.


So, even though it’s cold outside, take a stroll around Florence’s shops and dream of the Summer ahead.  And with the flirty, fun and sexy designs to be found in all the shops, it looks set to be a great one.

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