Florence Cocktail Week is served

Fourth edition to run from May 6 to 12

Destination Florence
May 3, 2019 - 9:52

Building on the success of previous editions, Florence Cocktail Week returns this May with a celebration of dressed-up drinks. Organised by Paola Mencarelli and Lorenzo Nigro, the event, which runs from May 6 to 12, will feature masterclasses, roundtables and tasting sessions, giving professionals and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to try new flavours and creations.

The week will enlist the help of some of the best cocktail bars in Florence. Sponsors include notable brands such as Campari, Frescobaldi and Martini, as well as the City of Florence. Each evening will offer the opportunity to explore the city as you sip, as all bars on the cocktail week map can be reached on foot or bike.

Masterclasses will be offered for the price of a single cocktail. Each bar will be challenged to create a curated cocktail menu, which will include a ‘Signature’ (a twist on a traditional Negroni), a ‘RiEsco’, an ‘I Love Bitter’, and a ‘Green Drink’, giving bartenders the opportunity to stretch their creativity.

This year will feature a variety of new events including a Negroni round table which will take place on Saturday, May 11; the Tuscan Cocktail Week, which will highlight the broader cocktail bar scene around the region; and the FCW Award Ceremony, which will recognize the best Florentine bartenders and bars on Sunday, May 12.

For a list of those bars participating in the event, head to www.florencecocktailweek.it.




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