What to wear in Florence in late spring

Spolverini: a wardrobe staple

Enrica Guidato
April 30, 2015

Spolverini are making a comeback this season. Made in soft fabrics like viscose, cotton and silk, these light jackets are a wardrobe staple for the Florentine spring and into the early days of summer. 

The term derives from the Italian verb spolverare, which translates as ‘dust off.’ With origins that were high function, not high fashion, lo spolverino came into use at the turn of the twentieth century, worn during travel or work to protect one’s clothing from dust.

 Spolverino is often translated as ‘trench coat,’ but this definition can be misleading. With military origins, trench coats are structured raincoats with wide collars and belted waists. Spolverini have a looser, more casual look, with small collars or none at all.

In their more modern styling, these jackets have been menswear inspired (I remember stealing some classic models from my dad’s closet when I was younger) and they were particularly in vogue at the end of the 1990s. Among the current renditions, some have more architectural qualities and sportswear details, and others have a floral, colorful, even girly aesthetic.

With its wide shape and light fabrics, the spolverino not only makes the perfect shield from rain and chill during spring and early summer but it also flatters without revealing too much of your figure.



‘Dust off’ the tired cold-weather look and put on a fresh spolverino for spring in Florence.


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