New official translation service from The Florentine

From birth certificates to legal documents

Editorial Staff
June 25, 2015 - 14:00



Have you ever needed official translations to get through the sea of bureaucracy, such as your child's birth certificate or your marriage or divorce papers?


The Florentine now offers an official translation service from Italian into English for your language needs.


Court-registered translator (and editor of The Florentine) Helen Farrell explains how it works: "First of all, let me debunk a myth. In Italy there is no such thing as an 'official' translation. What we offer to individuals as well as legal firms, notaries, accountants and companies is a sworn translation service, which is commonly required for certificates, transcripts and diplomas as well as for legal documents, contracts. In all instances, a sworn translation necessitates an official statement by the translator regarding the truthful correspondence of the translation to the original text. As a court-registered translator, on behalf of The Florentine's translation department, I offer a sworn translation service at the Court of Florence."


For more information and queries, please contact Helen at [email protected] or call 055/2306616.

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