Fondazione Meyer sending medical students abroad

The initiative aims to promote international work experience

Samantha Vaughn
April 21, 2017 - 16:23

Italy is betting on the young: thanks to a project by Fondazione Meyer, 24 young Italian medical students will go abroad to gain practical experience in some of the top children’s hospitals in Europe and the world. The “innovators” are all under 40 years old, some even under 30, who are currently working at Florence’s pediatric hospital as doctoral students, interns or researchers in a variety of specialties ranging from neurology to psychology, radiology to immunology, genetics to ophthalmology. The group will spend an average of 106 days in their respective host cities, where they will deepen their knowledge in their chosen fields. Some themes to be studied include stem cells, 3D printing, personalized medicine, food allergies, epilepsy and avant-garde radiology techniques.


“The project is completely funded by the Fondazione Meyer, which has invested 200,000 euro,” Gianpaolo Donzelli, president of Fondazione Meyer, explained to Corriere Fiorentino. “This is an ‘investment in knowledge’.” Indeed, the organizers of the initiative are betting on the students to return to Italy after their experiences abroad, using their newly learned skills in their Italian work environments, which they can enhance with a touch of the international. A welcome effort to challenge the brain drain afflicting Italy in recent years.

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