Saving Italian words in piazza Santa Croce

The #PAROLEDASALVARE campaign is on until October 19

Helen Farrell
October 14, 2019 - 10:53

The #paroledasalvare campaign is attracting word lovers to Florence’s piazza Santa Croce, the latest stop on Bologna-based dictionary publisher Zanichelli’s nationwide tour. The aim is to save more than 3,000 Italian words that risk being lost forever.







Open between 11am and 7.30pm until October 19, the #AreaZ has already made its mark in Milan, Turin and Bologna, inviting people to choose a word and use it appropriately. An oversized dictionary stands in piazza Santa Croce complete with a touchscreen, which suggests a word worth saving. Having chosen the term and its meaning, users can post it on their Facebook and Instagram profile. If social media isn’t your preferred method of communication, opt to send a postcard in the post.




As part of the campaign, innovative fashion brand MSGM has adopted five words—impavido, impetuoso, illogico, vivido and radioso—featuring them on garments presented during Milan Fashion Week.  





A few Italian words worth saving





Abbindolare – to deceive

Ondìvago – uncertain, wavering

Recalcitrare – to baulk

Pusillanime – coward

Sciatto – slovenly

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