Florence’s heart beats again

Letter from the editor

Helen Farrell
May 21, 2020 - 17:37

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve been released and Florence is slowly reopening. But it’s problematic.

Psychologically, it’s less wearing to be in the safety of our homes (for those who are safe, of course: domestic violence has rocketed during lockdown. Call 1522 if you need help.) I thought I’d be one of the first at the bar, knocking back an espresso and wolfing down a custard-filled pastry. I imagined I’d be meeting up with friends and sharing anecdotes. It’s not that easy because the threat is still there, but now we need to get out there and learn to live with it. We know what we have to do: mitigate the risk by keeping a safe distance and follow the rules.



Florence's heart beats again



We also need to save Florence. While it’s uncertain when we’ll next be paid, this is the moment when we need to invest in our economy. Florence can be criticized for relying on tourism, for feasting on the money of others, but now our beloved city needs to learn to support itself. Tomorrow, at 5pm, top tour guides Alexandra Lawrence, Elaine Ruffalo and Paola Vojnovic will be live on our Facebook and YouTube channels, discussing improved future tourism in Florence.


The sun is shining despite the pain. The Boboli Gardens reopened on this perfect summer-like day. The gardeners have had the Medici park all to themselves for the last two months and their dedication to the green expanse has never been more apparent. Blue skies, magnificent monuments and verdant lawns, the Boboli Gardens provide the ultimate blend of culture and nature that we’re yearning for. And, tomorrow, Florence regains its soul as the Duomo reopens. Florence’s cathedral complex will remain free of charge until the end of May; online booking is mandatory.


Florence’s heart beats again.




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