4 cooking classes to try in Florence
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4 cooking classes to try in Florence

Find out how to recreate Florentine and Italian recipes at home.

Wed 25 Jan 2023 10:37 AM

Eating well is essential to experiencing Florence. Now that you’ve dined out in local restaurants, dive deeper by trying one of these 4 cooking classes in Florence.

1. Learn how to prepare a four-course Tuscan dinner

From mouthwatering antipasti to perfect pasta, succulent meat and a traditional dessert, embrace this opportunity to learn how to prepare a four-course Tuscan dinner. The resident chef at this cooking school in central Florence will talk you through the mindset needed to make delicious Tuscan food at home. Think organic and seasonal! Once the cooking’s over, remove your apron, relax and savor the dishes of your own making, with a glass or two of Chianti wine!

2. Find out how to make fresh pasta and a traditional Tuscan dessert

Grab a rolling pin and knead some dough in this cooking class that’s all about finding out how to make fresh pasta. A local chef will demonstrate how to prepare three sorts of pasta using either a pasta machine or by rolling out the fresh egg dough as well as showing you which sauces work with which pasta shape. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love learning how to make a traditional Tuscan dessert.

3. Go grocery shopping on a Florence food market tour

There’s no better way to experience a different culture than by going grocery shopping on a market tour. Join a professional chef for a walk around Florence central market to handpick the finest ingredients, which you will soon put to use back at the cooking school in stirring up a flavorful Italian meal. Expect fresh and seasonal, the way Italian food has always been.

4. Encourage your kids to become tomorrow’s chefs

Encourage your kids to become tomorrow’s chefs with this cooking class for children. It’s more about playing than “chefing” as kids have fun with ingredients in a kitchen! Don’t worry, it’s safety first as the chef guides his little apprentices through baking bread and pasta making before moving on to everyone’s favorite: gelato! Be proud when your young one comes home with a diploma on their “graduation” from cooking school!

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