Healing Garden Retreat at the Four Seasons

Healing Garden Retreat at the Four Seasons

Rediscover harmony and a deep connection with the surrounding nature.

Tue 30 Apr 2024 4:49 PM

This June 8, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze hosts the Healing Garden Retreat, a morning program to rebalance body, mind and spirit. 


Wellness experts will join The Spa team for the third edition of this exclusive holistic experience, inviting attendees to rediscover a sense of harmony and deep connection with the surrounding nature. Set in more than four hectares of greenery, The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is the perfect place to regenerate in the gorgeous urban Gherardesca Gardens. 

Marianne Mirage, artist, singer-songwriter and holistic arts instructor, and Benedetta Rossi Albini, journalist and wordsmith, will lead the sessions with revitalizing Hatha Yoga, offering an initial approach to the discipline for newcomers, and poetic writing to reawaken your creative channels.   

The day’s schedule for Healing Garden Retreat


Hatha Yoga with Marianne Mirage

Marianne Mirage, singer-songwriter and soul and blues musician, decided to perfect her yoga practice in 2020, creating a community of enthusiasts who rely on her to practise yoga in its most meditative and rebalancing form. 


Poetic writing with Benedetta Rossi Albini

Writing as a tool to rediscover your creative self and reconnect with your deepest self:  Benedetta Rossi Albini accompanies guests in a focus on poetry from Sappho to contemporary verses as readings are interspersed with your own writings inspired by the natural setting and beyond.


Eco-nutrition Lunch

The Healing Garden Retreat ends with an Eco-nutrition Lunch, a unique method developed by Dr. Lucia Bacciottini that follows the principle of “keeping portions in proportion”, using bowls designed by the nutritionist to quantify the perfect combination of a variety of ingredients. 

Book your spot (280 euro) at the Healing Garden Retreat by calling The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze: +39 055 26264630 or emailing Spa.Firenze@fourseasons.com

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