Author: Paola Vojnovic

Paola Vojnovic is a Renaissance art historian and is in charge of Museum Outreach and Fundraising for Opera di Santa Croce.
November 3, 2016
1966 Florence FloodCULTURE

Cimabue’s world tour

As soon as the 1966 flood is mentioned, most Florentines recall the mud-covered streets, the tired smiles of the young Mud Angels and the wounded works of art carried away from the churches and museums. Then there is Cimabue’s Crucifix. Two days after the flood (by then it was November 6) the volunteers finally gained […]
July 1, 2016

Vespasiano da Bisticci

The most important man in Florence walked into a shop on the corner of via del Proconsolo and via de’ Pandolfini. The shopkeeper was keen to show him his wares, but the man’s request was not an ordinary one: “I would like your recommendation on how to establish a library.” The book dealer was at […]
January 15, 2015

Explore Sammezzano Castle

They say that each of us dies three deaths: the moment when your heart stops, when you are buried and the last time someone says your name. The name of Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d’Aragona probably means nothing even to most Florentine and Tuscan history experts.     
April 3, 2014

Saving Santa Croce from the waters

On May 3, at 10am, the inauguration of the new itinerary and exhibition spaces in the Basilica of Santa Croce will take, coinciding with the 720th anniversary of the foundation of the current church of Santa Croce.   Seven hundred and twenty years ago, on May 3, 1294, the first
February 27, 2014

In their footsteps, through their eyes

How many people have set foot in the church of Santa Croce in Florence in the 700 years of its existence? We can realistically estimate that the number is close to at least several million. For most of these visitors, we will never know what memories remained with them following