Partire, Andito, Spengere

Your in-progress dictionary of the Florentine dialect

Francesco Stefanelli, Alexandra Lawrence
October 24, 2013

Partire: To divvy something up (bread, wine, meat, etc.); to give out


Example: ‘O nìni, parti i’ pane così e s’inizia a mangiare.’

(‘Little one, divvy up the bread so we can start eating.’)



Àndito: Entranceway in a house


Example: ‘Lèati le scarpe e mettiti le ciabatte, le sono ne’ l’andito.’ (‘Take off your shoes and put on your slippers that are in the entranceway.’)



Spengere: In Italian ‘spegnere’, to turn off


Example: ‘Allora! E si vole dormire, lè l’ora di spengere la musica!’ (‘Hey! We want to get to sleep, it’s time to turn the music off!’)

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