Multicultural Florence

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Rose Mackworth-Young
November 21, 2013

Looking for the multi-ethnic heart of Florence? Want to see the city from a different point of view? Walk Florence with guides from the Ukraine, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nigeria, Somalia, Brazil and Russia.


On these guided walks hosted by Firenze Migranda, hear about how immigrants from different countries and cultures, not least Americans and Brits, have influenced the history of Florence and continue to shape the city today.


Oxfam Italia recently introduced the tours in Florence. The project is modeled on similar efforts in other Italian cities, and its goal is to increase awareness and appreciation of the good that foreign influences can achieve.


The price per tour is usually 10 euro, but the next two walks (November 23 and December 7) are free. Reservations are mandatory. Arrangements can be made for guides who speak English (and other languages). Call 055/3220895 or visit for details.

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