A new home for Fiorentina?

Stadium plans under consideration

Brando de Leonardis
September 11, 2014

Six years ago, Fiorentina president Diego Della Valle announced plans for the club’s new stadium and the ‘Cittadella Viola Project,’ and now it seems that the time has come to set up Fiorentina’s new home.


An ambitious project, which will cost a grand total of ‘305 million and 800,000 euro,” as announced by Florence’s mayor Dario Nardella, who set the date (October 27) for the services conference needed to analyze the 270-page detailed economic and financial report presented by Fiorentina’s board. It is rumoured that Chinese investors have shown interest in Della Valle’s proposal and are willing to contribute to the project.


The project includes a new 40,000-seater stadium as well as the opening of several surrounding businesses, all within a 50,000 square meter complex, which is currently occupied by the firm Mercafir. This infrastructure is the focal point of the political ‘game’ playing: during Renzi’s city administration, it had been agreed that the ‘Cittadella Viola’ would take up just two-thirds of the Mercafir grounds, whereas now complete usage of the area has been declared. In this case, the market would have to find a new location.


Moreover, in its report, Fiorentina has emphasized that the implementation of the infrastructure plan will begin only if the tramvia line 2 is put into effect, as well as the construction of a new motorway junction for Peretola and the upgrading of the road network along viale XI Agosto and viale Guidoni, and the "Barco" stop of rail-tramvia line 4, from the Leopolda to Empoli and Pisa. These public transportation measures are crucial for the Novoli area, which is already oversaturated with traffic.


Fiorentina and its fans hope to have their ‘Citadel’ by November 2018 (which is the expected end date of the construction, whereas it is believed that the first “stone” will be laid by December 2016).


Lastly, a solution must be found to regenerate the old stadium, the Artemio Franchi, subject to strict constraints because of its architectural heritage. In late October, we will find out whether Fiorentina fans will have a new ‘home’ after six years of waiting.


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