Barter your stay


Georgette Jupe-Pradier
November 7, 2013

Some local bed and breakfasts are finding creative, new ways to attract and serve those who wish to travel without breaking the bank. From November 18 to 24, you can stay in an Italian bed and breakfast in exchange for goods or services during 'Barter Week'.


How does it work? Visit the official website Identify the region in which you would like to stay, contact a B&B on the list and make your offer. Not sure what to offer in exchange for a stay? Some B&Bs have created a special ‘wish list’ of services or goods that they are looking for. Examples of offers include cooking breakfast for the B&B’s guests or offering tips on how to optimize the B&B’s website.


Some things to keep in mind about bartering: be reasonable (no one wants your used running shoes or dusty New Kids on the Block collector’s edition) and be creative. Who knows, you may even come back with more from the experience than you expected. 

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