They call it B9. It’s Florence’s new spectacular venue, a contemporary piazza that opens the city to the world. Set in the sprawling former tobacco factory Manifattura Tabacchi, the situation can be likened to a fizzy drink. Now popped, the effervescence is spreading bubbliness throughout the city’s east side.



Marco Badiani, photos shot with a Leica Q, courtesy of Leica Shop Firenze



Artists’ residencies, coworking spaces, makers’ ateliers (ranging from Super Duper Hats to concrete artisan Duccio Maria Gambi), a craft beer bar managed by Birrificio Valdarno Superiore, and food outlets from Bulli&Balene (try the Venetian-style topped toasts and freshly made ceviche) and Soul Kitchen (the 48-hour leavened pizzas are delicious; try the Estiva, courgette flowers, anchovies and mozzarella), open from 9am to midnight, populate the interior as neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso (famous for his recent slide+plant installation at Palazzo Strozzi) cleans the air with his sustainable filtration system Fabbrica dell’Aria.



Marco Badiani, photos shot with a Leica Q, courtesy of Leica Shop Firenze



B9 makes full use of its 3,000 square metres, boasting 200 cultural events over 85 consecutive days.



From music to festivals, the piazza is set to powerhouse summer in Florence. Highlights include the Many Possible Cities festival on July 6 and 7; Kings Of Convenience’s Erlend Øye performing live, complete with ukulele, on July 16; the Cinema Puccini Garden film festival from July 1 to 28; the Boiler Room Party, the international club culture broadcaster in live world streaming, on July 20, with innovative platform 4:3 (Four by Three), nicknamed “Netflix for the underground”; and Florence Folk Festival from July 24 to 27. Daily DJ sets bring the square to life: Mondays with soft beats from Stefano Mazza and hip hop and beatmaking guests; Tuesdays with DJ Calzino’s funk; Wednesdays with Disco Safari’s world music; Thursdays with BuZz JaZz’s soul and jazz.



In the shadow of the iconic chimney stack, Sundays are all about the family as Manifattura Tabacchi holds creative workshops for kids and bike tours around the city.



Marco Badiani, photos shot with a Leica Q, courtesy of Leica Shop Firenze



B9 (Manifattura Tabacchi)

via delle Cascine 33, Florence

Open from 10am to 2am


IG: @manifatturatabacchifi

FB: ManifatturaTabacchiFirenze




Craft beer from Birrificio Valdarno Superiore Venetian-style snacks from Bulli & Balene Tasty pizza from Soul Kitchen

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