Summer visions: a visual summary

Summer visions: a visual summary

Summer loving, ping pong and fritto misto: what's not to love about the long Italian summer.

Tue 11 Jul 2023 5:25 PM

This visual summary is both a flashback and a preview of a vacation in Versilia, the coastline between Viareggio and Massa Marittima.

Primordial soup

Seawater provides escape from the heat, a soft and cooling piazza that brings bathers together and inspires a world of chatter, while inflatables and footballs add motion.

Summer friendships

The summer has always sparked carefree friendships that go on hold in the winter. Different rules apply in this camaraderie with quick connections that last for a few weeks. Often these people slip your mind once you’re back in city life before suddenly reconnecting again at the bathing establishment that you’ve both frequented forever. You have fun together, keep each other company, seek out adventure and dress up at night, eat a gelato or three, and make light conversation.


Taking on the sea, the search for balance, the tension of the right wave that fails to arrive, friends who sit on a board where the water breaks, skin that’s been wet for hours and the lingering smell of rubber wetsuits: this is California in Versilia.


Every sunset, whenever you stay on the beach until 7pm, the achievement must be underscored with a Spritz, like a bright orange highlighter of your day at the seaside.

In the mood for love

In the shade of the scorching sun, eyes that relax in the half-light, skin redolent of tanning oil, bleached hair, long afternoons and Mediterranean scents: all perfect ingredients for summer love.

Fritto misto

“I worked really hard this winter, so I deserve a reward”: that’s the rationale behind diving into a tower of fried seafood, which you always say you won’t order, but somehow ends up on your plate. Crispy, drizzled with lemon juice, breathe in the restorative shrimp, calamari and zucchini. The happiest of summer moments.


There’s a cliché that the sea is only beautiful when it’s calm and flat as a table. But the upheaval of a storm rejoins the comforts of beach life with the chief element: the force of nature.

Book in hand

Having a book in your hand is a summer gem, an activity that fills mornings and afternoons. Under the parasol in the peaceful sea breeze, every story becomes more wonderful. Or even reading at the water’s edge as the sun sets.

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