The new dj vu

Fall fashion reminescent of the 80’s

Jessica Rubin
September 21, 2006

Looking back on summer’s biggest fashion ‘must-haves,’—huge sunglasses, chunky jewelry, and over-sized clothes were at the top of the list. Sunglasses weren’t fashion-ready unless they took up half your face and an extra large shirt with a belt around the middle was haut-couture. And it looks like fall fashions will be following suit. The 80s are back with a vengeance.  Amongst the most surprising fashion recoveries are leggings. Over sized shirts and sweaters, leggings and flats have become the staple outfit. Thick heels and wedges are in again, in darker shades for the colder weather. Large jackets with cinched belts in the middle are the most appropriate way to keep warm this fall, along with large wool or cashmere sweaters. As discussed in Vogue, the overall concept of fashion for the fall is as much fabric as possible with the least amount of sewing. Fashion is going back to the basics, and the design of clothes should be as simple as possible, making the tone and the way the fabric drapes on the body the main focus of the ensemble. Some of Florence’s own designers have been extremely influential in the creation of this new look. Roberto Cavalli’s fall line is dominated by loud prints, large belts, and the re-invention of another 80s staple, the jumper. The bright colors in Emilio Pucci’s fall line and the boldness of the designs have an ‘80s with a twist’ personality.Twenty-five years ago, Italian designers were the first to give life to this new look, and the rest of the world quickly followed. The renewal of 80s fashion has provided a breath of fresh air to haute couture and has inspired designers to play with colors and patterns in a way that has revolutionized the idea of matching. People can now look complete without color coordinating every accessory. Big, chunky jewelry is the way to go, too, but it’s not about the look as much as it is about the materials used to create the piece. Different types of beads, metals, and even bones are used experimentally with. Anything that can withstand wears and tears is being used to create jewelry. Even headbands have made a comeback. Many are happy to see the age of grunge pass and are welcoming the bright colors and cheerful patterns that come with that decade. Because fashion is a reflection of the world around us, it is easy to see why designers are looking for something to contrast the political turmoil that has taken hold of every country. Fashion has become something to turn to, a method of seeking solace, and the designers have revived a fun-loving era in the hopes that the ‘magic’ of the 80s will spread past fashion to other aspects of society. Until that moment comes, the world of fashion has contented itself with influencing its many followers, and stylists have taken fashion to a  new dimension. It is no longer about designing; it is about understanding colors and using contrasting concepts within the same item of clothing, so that everything serves as a contrast to itself. By mixing up colors, designs, fabrics and concepts, a unique outfit is readily created. The world of fashion is the first to take steps towards uniting different concepts, an example which hopefully the rest of the world will soon follow. By digging up and dusting off old designs, stylists have taken greater risks with their clothing. Colors are becoming brighter and bolder, pants are becoming skinnier, sweaters are becoming larger, and belts are being worn farther and farther away from the waist. Stilettos have been put away for very specific occasions, and wedges and thick heels are being worn for various occasions, from the informal lunch to the red carpet.When purchasing your fall wardrobe this year, make sure to keep an eye out for those perfect 80s-inspired pieces, and don’t forget to think big!

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