Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Maybe it’s the feel of crisp white sheets on a bed. Maybe it’s an exquisite jewel or a designer wardrobe. Perhaps it’s a fast car, or a sleek yacht, or a five-star hotel. The concept of luxury can be defined in so many

Thu 23 Mar 2006 1:00 AM

Maybe it’s the feel of crisp white sheets on a bed. Maybe it’s an exquisite jewel or a designer wardrobe. Perhaps it’s a fast car, or a sleek yacht, or a five-star hotel. The concept of luxury can be defined in so many different ways, and the perception of what is luxurious can change over a lifetime. The Luxury and Yachts fair in Verona was an amazing assortment of luxury goods, with breathtaking displays of extravagance and beauty.


James Bond would have been very at home among the phenomenal collection of cars on display, from vintage Aston Martins and Jaguars, to the Bentley Flying Spur, Maserati four-door, the latest Ferrari and the limited edition Ducati bike. He would also have enjoyed the bevy of beautiful girls lounging in the Billionaire Club tent, Flavio Briatore’s infamous club from Sardinia, and enjoying the music from their resident DJ.  Bond would definitely have appreciated the bespoke suits from De Luca, diamond encrusted ties from San Leucio and cashmere from Masserano, since any playboy worth his salt knows that the art of dressing well is fundamental to a luxurious life. Clothes on display went beyond the ordinary, with Zanotti even showing off the jeweled shoes made for the singer Beyonce.


Then, of course, there is decoration. Jewellery was a mix of fantasy, creativity and elegance, with designs from Calgaro, Filippini and Vanity Jewels, as well as vintage pieces from Stardust of Montecarlo. Watches from Piaget, Cartier, and Vacheron Constantin, to name just a few, were in abundance. And, of course, the jewels were not just for wearing – they also decorated furniture, vases and tableware. One vase was adorned with five thousand precious stones and seventy-five carats of diamonds. The crystals on display, from all over the world, Bolivia, India, China to name a few, were worth hundreds of thousands of euros and came complete with top level security. The only slight disappointment was the lack of free samples!


One place that did not lack free samples was the food court.  Chocolates, truffles from Venchi and Domori, the finest cheeses and the best wines that Italy has to offer were all housed under one roof. The display of luxury and gourmet foods was one of the most popular areas in the whole exhibition, with people indulging their desires to try any delight from Scottish smoked salmon and Russian caviar to the richest dolci from the south of Italy. I have to admit that I am usually at the front of the queue when it comes to free chocolates, and fortunately they were in abundance.


The display of home interiors had something for everybody’s taste, from the opulent to the minimalist. Nothing was overlooked – sunbeds with built-in televisions, tables of highly polished stones, mosaic floors, antique Chinese furniture that had been meticulously hand painted, bathroom and kitchen suites with the very latest technology, Bang and Olufsen equipment the list goes on. One item that really drew a crowd was a bath tub made completely of malachite, with matching basin – for some, over the top, but breathtaking nonetheless. To complete the perfect home were exquisite floral displays by Tearose, including a blue rose with a scent to die for. 


Of course, in the world of luxury, having just one property is never enough, and so real estate brokers were on hand to show you what could be yours on the Riviera.  Alternatively, you could browse around the impressive collection of yachts or speedboats to choose your floating home or toy for the summer months.


It would be impossible to list or describe the endless number of luxury items that were on display, but the international Luxury and Yachts exhibition was truly an enjoyable and fascinating journey for all the senses.


The ‘Made in Italy’ label is world-renowned for goods of ultimate quality, style and taste, many of which were demonstrated at the exhibition. Although this fair is over for another year, there are a number of upcoming exhibitions throughout the country that can allow you to sample la dolce vita.  Veronafiera is hosting ViniItaly from April 6, where it will be possible to sample some of Italy’s best wines. From March 25 at the Vicenza Fiera, the Tempolibero fair will play host to a number of exhibitors of goods ranging from the extravagant to the more reasonably priced. And for those who are in love with yachts, Genoa Boat Show will take place, as always, in October. 

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