Gelato for a good cause

La Sorbettiera raises funds for Torregalli hospital

Editorial Staff
May 12, 2020 - 14:27

Artisan gelato-maker Antonio Ciabattoni of La Sorbettiera has raised 850 euro in donations for the Ospedale Torregalli to support the Florence hospital during the Covid-19 emergency. The fundraising initiative started out as a way to encourage responsible behaviour by citizens and help the city in these delicate times.


Founded and led by Antonio Ciabattoni and his wife Elisa, the parlour is a local hotspot in piazza Tasso for gelato lovers. Boasting a longstanding and noble tradition (Ciabattoni learned the tricks of the trade from the Brustolon family, which has been making gelato since 1934), La Sorbettiera has found itself struggling in the last three months, like many others, due to the rigid lockdown measures for the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic.



Gelato from La Sorbettiera, Florence



Antonio and his wife refused to lose heart and, thanks to the collaboration of their young and dynamic staff, they faced the difficulties with shrewdness and invention, in true Tuscan flair. They were one of the first gelato shops in the city to set up a delivery service, spreading the word through a fresh social media approach and targeted marketing initiatives (customers have embraced the possibility of requesting personalized packaging to celebrate birthdays and holidays) aimed at offering messages of encouragement to those confined in their homes during the hardest moments of the pandemic. One way for customers to stay connected, even at a distance, is by supporting a local business as well as giving a helping hand to the medical professionals who continue to fight on frontline to ensure our safety.


For every home delivery, La Sorbettiera voluntarily donates one euro to the Ospedale Torregalli in Florence, one of the hospitals directly involved in providing the necessary treatments and assistance for Covid-19 patients.


“With this message, we wanted to let you know that, in your gesture of love, by deciding to stay home and order our gelato, there is much more than you can see.” These are the words of Antonio, Elisa and the entire team at La Sorbettiera, which are stated on a card that accompanies every gelato tub, carefully packaged and delivered to clients in compliance with the health and safety standards.


The gelato of La Sorbettiera can be ordered at home every day (except Wednesdays) from the website, or by calling 055/5120336.

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