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Contributors' Guide

In print

The Florentine is a monthly print publication. In addition to the print publication, The Florentine is also published in a pdf edition every month, and updates its website deaily, offering subscribers faster access to a wide variety of content.

In the digital edition

In addition to the print publication, The Florentine is also published in an enriched pdf edition every month, offering exclusive content to subscribers. We publish full-page (700–850 words), half-page (500–550 words) and short pieces with a lifestyle focus (max. 250 words). We do not publish book reviews. The Florentine publishes feature articles in the following areas: culture and customs, travel and leisure, sports, style and fashion, food and wine, how to, expat life, economics and business, interviews, and the arts. In short, anything with a Florence and Tuscany focus with an international feel! We welcome ideas for photo stories and we will consider short fiction and poetry.


We publish news and events on a daily basis on our website, which receives approximately 50,000 visits per month. We welcome all information and articles about news and events in Florence. Send us your news and we will consider publication!


Please clearly specify in the subject line and in the body of your email if your article is time sensitive (for example, ‘Exhibit ends June 12’ or ‘Artichoke season ends in May’).

When writing articles, please remember that because we publish a new issue every month, articles must be in appropriate verb tense. For this reason, we do not usually publish reviews of single theatre performances, concerts and events after they have occurred. To avoid overlapping content, please check to see whether we have already published an article on the topic you wish to write.

The Florentine cannot guarantee the speed of response to pre-submission enquiries, but you will usually receive an answer within 15 working days.

Articles will be edited for grammar, usage and style; accuracy; length; and defamatory material. Please state clearly whether or not you wish to view your article after editing. If so, you will need to maintain email correspondence to view your work after editing and before publication. Please provide a current phone number or email address. Please note that the editors will consider lack of response as consent. Acceptance of a proposal or submission of an article does not guarantee its publication in print, digitally or online—the editors of The Florentine retain the right to request rewrites or to reject a piece at any stage. The editors’ decision is final.


Acceptable formats for the manuscript are Microsoft Word (preferred), OpenOffice and Rich Text Format (RTF).
Submit all articles and works of short fiction as Word documents in 12-point Times New Roman font, single-spaced. Use one space after each period and indent all paragraphs. Do not use headers or footers.
Please title and subtitle your work; we prefer a catchy title and a subtitle. Titles should spark the reader’s interest and subtitles should clarify the topic of the article. Please include your name directly on the manuscript, under the subtitle.
Include with the article any information that readers would find interesting or necessary, such as location, ticket prices, exhibit dates, phone numbers, any future or similar events, and directions by public transport if the event or exhibit is out of the city centre.
Please write dates according to the following format: June 12, 2014.
Spell out numbers 1 to 10; use numerals from 11 upwards.
With each submission, please provide a brief biographical statement of no more than 50 words; include this with every article submitted, even if your work has been previously published in The Florentine. Again, consult The Florentine’s database for examples. You are welcome to include urls for your websites or blog and an email address should you wish to do so.


Writers are strongly encouraged to submit relevant images for their articles: every article online must be accompanied with at least one photo. Please supply photo credits and suggested captions with your submitted article. Send images at an effective resolution of 300 dpi in JPEG format for print publication, and at 1500 px at 72 dpi for online publication.

Photographers are encouraged to send photos for publication. The Florentine will also evaluate proposals for photo articles.

Please supply a phone number and email address should we need to contact you.

2016 Publication schedule

If you would like to contribute articles to be considered for publication, please submit all content by the 15th of the month prior to publication.

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