November 6, 2014

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The Arts

We are #CrazyforPazzi

Opera di Santa Croce and TF join hands in crowdfunding
On November 17, Santa Croce and TF launched a crowdfunding campaign to restore the loggia of the Pazzi Chapel—an area in front of the chapel, open …
Best Events

TF Weekly List of Events in Florence

November 20-27, 2014
by Catriona Miller
        The top 5 events for the week of November 20-27, 2014.  Download the full list of events in Florence:       GUIDED TOUR/VISIT/ Crazy for Pazzi tour November 26, …
Florence News

Boosting the Baptistery

Opera del Duomo to reveal results of examination, President of Opera del Duomo calls for help
by Rebecca Frumento
At the presentation of the event, discussing the state of the Baptistery art, which will be held in Florence on November 24 and 25, president of …
Florence News

Water on the bridge

Cellini fountain on Ponte Vecchio restored to former glory
by Helen Farrell
It was unveiled in 1901 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Benvenuto Cellini, the famous sculpture and goldsmith. Now the fountain on the …
Best Events

How to participate in the #CrazyforPazzi Twitter Chat

Monday November 24 at 10pm Italian time (4pm EST)
In case you haven’t noticed, Opera di Santa Croce, in partnership with The Florentine, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform to raise money …

Beating the post-Florence blues

A guide to life after Florence
by Gabriella Craft
I was the Instagram envy of all my friends during my study placement at the Università degli Studi di Firenze. Yet upon my return in July …
Florence News

The i-locate Project

Technological innovation in Florence
by Oreste Giacche'
From today until November 21 at the Palazzo Coppini in Florence (Centro Studi Incontri Internazionali e Centro Arte e Cultura dell’Opera del Duomo), there are a …
Florence News

Calcio changes

New rules to reduce excessive violence
by Mary Gray
New guidelines will soon be introduced to better regulate Florence's calcio storico when it returns. A committee of four—Luciano Artusi, Federico Bagattini, Eugenio Giani and Michele Pierguidi—worked on developing …
Best Events

Gastronomic Florence

Florentine IV Biennale Enogastronomica
by Oreste Giacche'
  This month from November 10 to 30 some of the city’s most adored locations will come alive with a calendar packed with events that are food, …
Economy + Society

Tax debate

Roots and remedies for tax evasion in Italy
by John D'Attoma
Ex-prime minister Silvio Berlusconi once famously claimed that the evasion of high taxes is a ‘God-given right.’ As many European nations grapple with debt crises, the …
Florence News

Another 'Anno ad arte'

2015 exhibitions announced
by Oreste Giacche'
The lineup for the 2015 edition of Florence: Art for a Year has just been announced. Many of Florence’s most prestigious museums, including the Bargello, the …
Florence News

Contemporary colors

'Colori dell'anima' at the Galleria 360
by Oreste Giacche'
Throughout the month of November, the showrooms of the Galleria 360 are getting a contemporary twist. Until December 2, visually striking pieces will line the venue …

Talking to strangers

A snapshot of life in Chianti
by Cristina Rizzuto
I went to Florence to immerse myself in beauty. A few weeks ago, I leaned on the Ponte alla Carraia with a delicious treat from its …
Florence News

Henrot at the Gucci Museum

'Grosse Fatigue' video installation
by Oreste Giacche'
After the exhibition displaying Lee Lozano’s, Alina Szapocznicow’s and Evelyne Axell’s artwork from the 1960s, the Gucci Museum will be presenting work by Camille Henrot, a …
The Arts

Bringing culture to life

An eye-opening experience at Palazzo Strozzi
by Antoinette Mancini
  ‘Parliamo d’arte,’ a guided conversation at the Picasso and Spanish Modernity exhibition currently held at Palazzo Strozzi, not only brings culture to life but sets an …
The Arts

The tomb that cannot be seen

Immortal Santa Croce
by Giuseppe De Micheli
This article is the first in a series by Giuseppe De Micheli, the Director of Opera di Santa Croce.   In medieval Florence, illustrious figures had a special …

Legally fashionable

Medieval Florentine ladies ahead of fashion police
by Margo Lestz
Medieval Florence, like many European cities, had ‘sumptuary laws’ to regulate luxury items, with an emphasis on women’s clothing. These laws proved difficult to enforce upon …
Best Events

50 Days of Cinema

International film festival in Florence, 2014
by Catriona Miller
As the weather begins to turn and the leaves softly tumble from the branches, what could be more tempting than an evening at the cinema? This …
Florence Artisans


Street art
by Mary Gray
Photos by Lucio Patone / Sowire Photography Firenze   For Yan Blusseau and many of the faces of Finestra con vista, a movement that brought street art further …
The Arts

A Florentine gem

Fratelli Piccini on the Ponte Vecchio
by Sponsored Page 
As you stroll over the Ponte Vecchio during your passeggiata, stop and explore a jewel in the crown of Florentine craftsmanship. To the left of the …

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