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Best Events

Best events in Florence in May 2015

Our top picks
by Mary Gray
Our events listing keeps you up to date on the latest and greatest in culture, music and other English-friendly entertainment. This is a selection of the …
Tuscany News

Free guided tours among Prato's treasures

Explore the unexpected
Prato’s vicinity to Florence has always been a source of wealth, but it’s never easy for a place to be acknowledged in its own right when …
Florence News

Auschwitz at EX3

Memorial to be installed in Gavinana
A memorial commemorating Italians who suffered in block 21 of the concentration camp of Auschwitz is expected to be installed in the former exhibition space EX3 by …
The Arts

Antony Gormley at Forte Belvedere

Florence and contemporary art meet again
by Alexandra Korey
Critically-acclaimed UK artist Antony Gormley has been exploring the relationship of the human body to space through sculpture since the 1960s. This spring at Forte Belvedere, …
Expo 2015

Jellyfish on the Arno

Hydroponic greenhouse for Expo 2015
by Brenda Dionisi
Watch out, Florentines: there’s a jellyfish on the banks of the Arno near the San Niccolò bridge. But this sea creature won’t sting. It’s the Jellyfish …
Economy + Society

What Florence can gain from Hollywood

Inferno filming brings a boost to Florence
by Suzi Jenkins
Love him or hate him, Dan Brown deserves a huge thumbs up for having done more for the Florentine economy in a relatively short period of …
Florence News

Early Renaissance rooms reopen at the Uffizi

Sale dei Primitivi (rooms 2-7) renovated
by Helen Farrell
Nine months since their closure, the Uffizi Gallery’s Early Renaissance rooms reopen to the public. Known in Italian as the “Sale dei Primitivi” (rooms 2 to …
Florence News

Floral Florence

International flower show until May 11
A 5-kilometer floral pathway is in bloom at the former racetrack Le Mulina in the Cascine park during Flora Firenze, an international celebration of the ‘art of …

What to do with kids in Florence

12 of the top children's activities
by Helen Farrell
The Florentine says a massive thank-you to everyone who contributed to this article, including Firenze Moms4Moms and Baby Bottega. Florence does not have the best reputation when …
Florence News

Newtown Italia: a new model in urban development

Local organizations present new ideas on city life
by Jason Martinez
Institutional and structural changes have been needed to ensure continued development in cities across Europe given the recent years of economic crisis. Working together in this …

The market maker

Umberto Montano, Mercato Centrale Firenze
by Helen Farrell
A year after the opening of Florence’s most popular market space, Mercato Centrale Firenze, The Florentine, always happy to spend time in a place brimming with …
Italy News

Nonna Leo and the newest culinary trend

Home restaurants on the rise in Italy
Ninety-six year old Leonilda Tomasinelli has embarked on a late-life entrepreneurial adventure. With help from her grandson Fabrizio, the Genoa resident has launched Nonna Leo, the …
Florence News

I Eat Earth: an homage to Expo 2015

New installation outside Gallery Hotel Art
by Jason Martinez
Just around the corner from the Ponte Vecchio, tucked away on the oft-overlooked vicolo dell’Oro outside Gallery Hotel Art, sits 'I Eat Earth,' the newest installation …
The Arts

Artemisia Gentileschi conference in Florence

International talks on the art world's leading lady
by Jane Fortune
Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi (1593–1656?) was internationally famous during her time. Not only did Europe’s most powerful commission her paintings, they wanted self-portraits for their collections. …
Florence News

Exploring the future of the EU in Florence

2015 edition of Festival d'Europa
by Jason Martinez
From May 6–10 Florence will host the Festival D’Europa, an academic, social, and cultural series of 120 events taking place in over 40 locations.   The academic focus …
Movie Reviews

Movies in English in Florence: May 2015

Our selections
by James Douglas
***** unmissable**** excellent*** good/average** poor* avoid ODEON Cinema piazza Strozzi 2, tel. 055/295051   April 30, May 1–3, 14, 16–17THE SECOND BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL ***   Now that The Best Exotic …

The Medici Dynasty Show

Legendary family comes back to life in Florence
by Alexandra Korey
Always find yourself mixing up Medici history? It’s not your fault, given their habit of naming everyone Cosimo. If you’d like to know a bit more …
Florence News

The Mark of the Medici exhibition at the Medici Chapels

Holy objects reaching as far as Goa and the Holy Land
by Helen Farrell
The Mark of the Medici exhibition at the Medici Chapels Museum, in the San Lorenzo neighbourhood, offers a privileged look at some of the religious treasures …
How Do You...?

How to dress for a Florentine spring

Printed pants, midi dresses and extra layers
by Kaylee  Denmead
The weather has been heating up quickly over the last few weeks, but Italians are slow to shed their puffer coats and thick scarves. As a …

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