Author: Courtney Runn

Courtney Runn grew up in Texas but learned to love Italy as a second home after spending all of middle school and most of high school in Florence. She is currently studying journalism and Italian at the University of Texas in Austin. You can find her exploring the city with her camera in hand and a book in her purse.
May 28, 2015

Photography exhibition connects Florence and Kyoto

Tourists in kimonos (Gion district), Massimo Pacifico   Opening June 5, Florence’s Anthropology Museum will host an impressive exhibition, FloKyo 1965-2015, featuring photojournalist Massimo Pacifico’s photography to celebrate 50 years of partnership between the two cities.   The exhibition will feature 100 images of everyday life and history in Florence and Kyoto, celebrating their sisterhood […]

Piero di Cosimo exhibition at the Uffizi

The Uffizi welcomes a new exhibition this summer dedicated to the art of Piero di Cosimo.   The show, titled Piero di Cosimo: eccentric Florentine painter between the Renaissance and Mannerism, showcases 100 works and will run from June 23 to September 27.   Though less well-known than his