Author: Editorial Staff

The Florentine editorial staff
April 28, 2005

Florentines still abandoning city centre

It seems that Florence’s city centre is still losing its native residents. There are two main reasons why: a consistent emigration to more suburban areas, and a high mortality rate among the large number of elderly residents    For years, there has been a general tendency for

Football: Referees Hard on Players

Record for disqualifications in Series A championship. In fact, sports arbitrators suspended 24 players, including Rome’s captain, Francesco Totti (5 days) and Juvetnus forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic (3 days).

Historic Reinterpretation for 60th Anniversary of Confcommercio in Florence

The Italian General Business Commerce Association was founded in Tuscany exactly 60 years ago and it will celebrate the event Friday, April 29th at Palazzo Vecchio with an interpretation by Ugo Pagliai amidst a historical set created by historian Franco Cardini.

Restoration begins on the Madonna of Citerna

The restoration project on the Madonna di Citerna has begun in Florence at one of the most famous restoration laboratories in the world, the Opificio delle Pietre Dure. Experts hope that during the process it will be confirmed that this sculpture is another work by the master Renaissance artist, Donatello. &

Piazza Ghiberti reopens to public

The reopening of a large area of Piazza Ghiberti was celebrated this past weekend. The square had been closed for years due to the construction of an underground parking garage and, to the relief of local vendors and inhabitants, the works have finally been finished and the greatly enlarged piazza

Rugby: A French Final for Heineken Cup

It will be a French match for the Heineken Cup rugby finals. After the qualification of Stade Francais by the Bergamo brothers (20-17 at Biarritz), it was Tolosa’s turn and in the second semi-final beat Leicester 27-19. The final is set for May 22nd in

Maggio Musicale in Mourning

Preparations for the opening of the month long celebration Maggio Musical Fiorentino came to an abrupt halt last week when Director Zubin Mehta’s mother passed away at her home in Los Angeles, California. The Director returned to California for the funeral, but immediately returned to rehearsals only two

Road works cause traffic and chaos

The partial closure of one of the main commuter bridges over the Arno River, Ponte all’Indiano, caused major traffic delays throughout the city last week. Simultaneous road construction works in other parts of the city hindered the creation of well functioning detour routes and commuters were forced to
April 21, 2005

Slow U.S. Invertigations of Murdered Italian Official

Italian officials returned without many answers from a visit to Washington last week where they discussed the investigation process for the murder of top Italian security officer, Nicola Calipari. Calipari was shot by U.S. Soldiers in Iraq while he was on a rescue mission for the much anticipated and

10,000 Visitors to Mathematics Museum

The Math Museum, or, Giardino di Archimede, celebrated its first anniversary last weekend, as well as a positive attendance, registering 10,000 visitors to the museum during its first year of activities. This new Florentine museum is actually the only museum in Italy dedicated entirely to Mathematics. The museum is