Author: Editorial Staff

The Florentine editorial staff
May 5, 2005

Richard Ginori Stays in Florence

Even one of the most famous porcelain and dinnerware companies in Italy, Richard Ginori, has been hit by the recent economic crisis and risked moving its production away from its native Florence plant in order to cut costs. A new management has now taken over the company and has decided

Stadium in Piazza Santa Croce gets a face-lift

Both residents and tourists alike have long complained that the stadium set up every summer in Piazza Santa Croce for the Historic Football (Calcio Storico) matches is truly an eyesore in front of one of the most beautiful churches of the city. And now city councillors have fi nally thought
April 28, 2005

Gas Prices Continue to Rise

A full tank of gas costs 8 Euro more this year than it did the same time last year and no respite is in sight. In fact, prices are predicted to rise as high as 1.4 Euro per litre by this summer.

Fiorentina: Afraid to win

There are only five days remaining in the Italian football championship and the Fiorentina does not seem to be winning its battle against automatic elimination from the A Series.   Although a tied game against Bologna would not have been that bad under normal conditions, earning just one point now

Tuscan cold cuts get an official seal

The Unicoop supermarket chain in Florence has decided to make their line of traditional Tuscan cold cuts official. The numerous products that are grown and produced using customary local methods will now have a specific seal on their packaging in order to make them easily recognisable to customers. Some of

Palazzo Medici Riccardi Closes Main Doors

Due to maintenance and restoration works, the main entrance to Palazzo Medici Riccardi will be closed until May 10th. To access the museum, a new entrance will be opened at Via Cavour 3. For the provincial offices, the secondary entrance in Via Cavour 9 and 11 will remain open.

Boom in Mortgage Loans

In these unstable economic times Italians continue to invest in real estate, considered the safest investment to make these days. In fact, mortgage loans have increase by 20% in many parts of the country. In some regions, like Sardegna, it has even reached 33%.

Berlusconi quits, forms new government

Silvio Berlusconi has already presented his new centre-right government coalition after he stepped down from his role as Prime Minister last week during Italy’s worst political crisis in the past four years.   Regional elections at the beginning of April resulted in a striking loss for Berlusconi&

Tuscany region president meets with U.S. Ambassador

In the face of a serious economic crisis for Tuscany and Italy, President Martini and Ambassador Sembler met last week to discuss Tuscan – U.S. relations and the numbers of American visitors to the Tuscany region.   In Florence alone, universities host six thousand students each year. The total

Museums Closed for May 1st Holiday

All museums will be closed next Sunday May 1st for the Labour Day holiday. There will be many alternative activities to choose from that have been organised in celebration of the holiday. Labour day is an International holiday celebrated in most countries on May 1st, or May Day (except for