Author: Joelle Edwards

Joolle Edwards is an English event and wedding planner, working in exclusive venues across Italy ( She recently moved to Florence from London after having lived and worked in Switzerland, Palermo and Barcelona. She'd like to sing like Fiorella Mannoia, write like Andrea Camilleri, dance like Ginger Rogers and cook like zia Anna Maria! You can reach her at
November 4, 2010
The Tuscan TimesTRAVEL

Show me the green

Need a vacation, but don't have the time or cash to leave town? Not to worry, just five minutes from Florence, you can feel time zones away.   Among the attractions of Florence, one might not list geese, ducks, goats, donkeys and night-time safari rides. Well, for those
July 1, 2010


Is the wedding season in Tuscany!   You've seen the happy couples in piazza della Signoria and piazza Duomo, and if you haven't, you definitely will. Each year for the past 20 years, an average of 1500 couples have said ‘I do' in the Palazzo Vecchio, and
June 3, 2010

A landmark en passant

More than 120 years after its 1877 closure, the ‘English Cemetery' of Florence had fallen into a derelict state. Tombstones were unstable and cypresses were falling.   Permission for a restoration project was officially granted in 1997, when the city of Florence also approved 500 new loculi (burial plots)
May 6, 2010

A landmark en passant

For a great number of Florentines the familiar small, walled oval hill on piazzale Donatello is little more than a roundabout. Granted, it is a rather mysterious roundabout, higher than most, revealing peaks of elegant cypresses and glimpses of marble tombstones, but undoubtedly a landmark en passant for the modern