Author: Oonagh Stransky

Oonagh Stransky is a translator of Italian literature and writer. She has translated books by Pope Francis, Saviano, Lucarelli, Pasolini and others. She has been writing for The Florentine since 2010.
May 28, 2015

The Letter

Editor's note: It is with great pleasure that The Florentine publishes the winner of the 2015 Short Story Contest. Organized with The Sigh Press, we received more than 60 entries from as far afield as Washington, Los Angeles and the south of France. Themes ranged from religion to love,
May 24, 2012

Summer music festivals in Florence 2012

New Jersey, summer, late 1970s: heat wave, gas shortages, tube tops, soccer shorts, Pel?, Bjorn Borg, teenage awkwardness. I'm stuck in the back of my grandmother's VW hatchback with my two brothers. Literally stuck: the backs of my thighs are glued to the seat with sweat. We stop
April 26, 2012

The third life of art

The idea of ‘live restorations' might seem an oxymoron: how can you bring life to a static object that, at the very most, is the product of an individual's creativity? Don't get me started on Eugenio Montale's theory about the second life of art, which suggests
April 12, 2012

A small window with a big view

For a few short months last year in Rome, a fascinating exhibit, entitled Caravaggio: Restauro Aperto allowed visitors to see art restorers working on one of Caravaggio's most intriguing paintings, the Adoration of the Shepherds. The exhibit, sponsored by Fastweb, the Internet provider, and held in the lower chambers
March 29, 2012

Daniela Murphy Corella

Sometimes you meet someone whose vitality and dedication to a cause is so far beyond the norm that you are left speechless. Daniela Murphy Corella has such a ‘wow-factor.' Brilliant, energetic and eloquent, she is the kind of person who can make change happen. And change is what
November 10, 2011

On the hunt in Tuscany

About the same time that all the supplies for making homemade tomato sauce appear on display at large supermarkets like Ipercoop, a section devoted to hunting gear also materializes. There, you can find camouflage pants, vests, military sweaters, waders and hunting caps, everything to complete the look. One thing you