Dan Marino’s photos of Florence

Marco Badiani, Dan Marino
May 28, 2015


F stands for Florence, but also for the amount of light in a diaphragm opening. After all, light is what photographers harness to craft their images.

Dan Marino is a street photographer, unable to resist the pull of the passion in the alleyways and piazzas of Florence's centro storico.


Often, he closes his record store, wears his camera close to his heart; he switches on his powers of observation and gathers real-life scenes, scenes that are never staged.


BiographyDan Marino (Daniele Marino) was born among the myriad artisan botteghe of Santo Spirito. In the ‘80s he became a partner in the historic store Dischi Alberti; film, music and technology became his work and passion. Around the same time, he discovered street photography during his lunch breaks. In 2014, he established the SPI-Street Photography Italy group with share his passion with other photography lovers.






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