Botticelli. The Nativity and all his paintings located in Florence


Art by Clark # 1

But I am fairly certain that Botticelli was a man of the finest intelligence which he applied to the subjects of his pictures as well as to their design

– Kenneth Clark

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Botticelli’s work analyzed by one of the most important English-speaking art historians of our time.

Starting from the painting of the Nativity, Kenneth Clark explores the main characteristics of Botticelli’s art with a style and interpretative ability intended for the general public that’s as engaging as a story.

The volume collects, in a series of color reproductions, all the works of Botticelli preserved in museums and churches in Florence, each with the relative technical information.

The entire biography of Botticelli written by Giorgio Vasari and published in the Lives of the most excellent painters, sculptors and architects is supplied in the appendix to the volume.

About the Author

Kenneth Clark (1903-1983) is one of the most important English art historian. Professor of Fine Art at Oxford and Director of the Ashmolean Museum, Clark was influenced by the works of John Ruskin and Bernard Berendson. He was the first to catalogue all the drawings by Leonardo da Vinci in the collection of the Windsor Castle. He wrote several books about Italian Renaissance art as well as about European artists and movements. Between 1970 and 1983, Clark realized a series of programmes for the BBC, including the world renowned series Civilisation, covering western European civilisation from the end of the Dark Ages to the early twentieth century.

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