Why pride still matters 2019


Special thematized articles from the July 2019 issue of The Florentine

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2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in Manhattan, the birth of the modern LGBTQIA+ movement. In a society where diversity is often seen as an enemy to be erased, this is The Florentine’s way of celebrating the community throughout Florence, Tuscany and further afield in the name of Sylvia Rivera and all the pioneers who decided to stand up on June 27, 1969.

The Florentine is a proud supporter of Toscana Pride.


  • Pride is a powerful thing by Vincenzo D’Angelo
  • Parents supporting parents by Samantha Vaughn
  • All eyes on us! by Vincenzo D’Angelo
  • Where love is illegal by Helen Farrell
  • Follow the indie rainbow by Michelle Davies
  • Being QUIR by Nina Peci
  • Digital dating for queer women by Phoebe Owtson
  • The often invisible by Vincenzo D’Angelo
  • A drag queen’s art by Jane Farrell



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