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People still love books

The concept of the lone artistic genius, epitomized by Michelangelo, does not apply to the production of modern books. While the author researches, writes and reviews his creation in relative isolation, occasionally depending on colleagues and peers for feedback and input, the real teamwork begins when the book reaches the publisher. In the case of From Marble to Flesh, this team has been larger than usual, taking advantage of technological tools for crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and collaboration. Hundreds of people have contributed to the process, making this book neither solely Victor Coonin’s nor The Florentine’s book, but your book. Continue reading People still love books

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7296$ raised thanks to YOU

The Florentine Press wishes to thank the 157 backers of our Kickstarter campaign to fund the forthcoming book by Victor Coonin, “From Marble to Flesh. The Biography of Michelangelo’s David.” We raised a whopping 7296$ towards the production of the book, 146% of our 5000$ goal. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our readers and community, who supported the book by reserving it through the crowdfunding platform as well as by spreading the word to their friends, we’re able to print 1000 copies of this book about the world’s most famous sculpture. Stay tuned for upcoming events around the book launch.

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Our next book on Kickstarter

For the forthcoming publication of the book From Marble to Flesh: the Biography of Michelangelo’s David by Victor Coonin, The Florentine Press is relying on the public’s fascination with this Italian cultural icon to prompt donations on the American crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Funds are being raised for printing costs that supplement the press’s own investment, and project backers have a chance to reserve and get the first copies of the book.
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