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World Premiere: When the World Answered Documentary Film

The Florentine Press and Advancing Women Artists Foundation‘s recent publication When the World Answered. Florence, Women Artsits and the 1966 Flood is the subject of a PBS documentary by the director of the Emmy-award winning film based on Jane Fortune’s previous TFPress book, Invisible Women. Don’t miss the WORLD PREMIERE to be held in Florence on Tuesday October 20 at 6:30pm at the Odeon Theatre.
The evening will include talks by the authors Linda Falcone and Jane Fortune, and by the Consul General of the United States of America, patron of the event.
Tickets for this charity screening cost 8 euros, and proceeds will be donated to AWA, who will use them for the restoration of works of art by women in Florentine collections. As we expect a crowd, we suggest you pre-book your ticket online at this link (booking surcharge applies).

1 thought on “World Premiere: When the World Answered Documentary Film

  1. I want to purchase a DVD set of “When the world answered”. Do I order it from PBS or your company?
    Anxious to hear from someone about this DVD!
    Kim Goldsworthy

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