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July 21, 2005

Stealing Beauty

More than a century ago, the glory of the Florentine artistic sights and the breath-taking views of the city and its surroundings were being caught on canvas, in sketchbooks, and in the diaries of foreign travellers during their grand tours of Italy. Their descriptions still remain, attesting to the
June 30, 2005

The fashion world comes to Florence

If you’d like to know why a thousand languages were being spoken in Florence last week, who all the new faces were with all of those festive outfits, why all of the clothing shops were serving drinks and playing music, why traffic had reached Bangkok extremes, why you

The Medici Festival at Artimino

In an old film with a young Vittorio Gasman, the charming Medici Villa of One Hundred Chimneys in Artimino was used to represent the Gonzaga residence located in Mantova. In reality, the villa is in Artimo, in the heart of Tuscany, within the Commune of Carmignano, amidst the hills between
June 16, 2005

Top of the ‘Pops’ Coming to an Enoteca Near You…

Temperatures soared the last two weeks of May, but the weather wasn’t the only thing that was ‘hot.’ Hundreds of wine producers were busy showcasing their latest wares at various locations throughout Tuscany. So what was the verdict? What was hot and what was not? And

Actor Slays Lobster on Stage

Spanish actor Rodrigo Garcia was reported to police for his mistreatment and killing of a lobster during his performance at the Contemporanea Festival held in Prato last week. Organisers responded by stating that they did not feel the necessity to censor the piece. They expressed regret that viewers left the
June 9, 2005

Tour de cookie monster

A new itinerary in the province of Prato has been created for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. The “Strada dei biscotti” tour offers a sugary trip to the homes of some of the best known biscuits from the region. An agenda, complete with map, includes
May 26, 2005

A Pre-Raphaelite Church

From the outside, it is just one among the many XVIth century palazzi which can be found at almost every corner of the city. But number 18 of via Maggio is no ordinary palace and hides more beauty than the eye can see at a first glimpse. Behind the Renaissance
May 12, 2005

Florence celebrates 20th century arts

This year, the VII annual “Settimana della cultura” of Florence is dedicated to the art and culture of the 20th Century. An array of events will be held from Monday, May 16th to Saturday the 21st, with the highlight being an exhibition on writer and politician, Giuseppe Mazzini,